The goal of the workshop is to analyze the state-of-art program visualization methods, and to form a deeper understanding on meaningful and functional visualization in the context of programming, data structures and algorithms in education, industry, and research.

The organizers of the workshop are looking for research and position papers on novel ideas in the field. To be accepted, the submitted paper of 3-5 pages should present a new approach or constructively evaluate an existing visualization paradigm, scheme, or technique. The number of participants will be limited to 25.

The papers will be discussed and evaluated at the workshop, and the authors will have time to compose the final version within three months after the workshop. The proceedings will include the final papers, together with invited lectures.

The workshop especially aims for papers that describe the use of visualization software in an educational context.

The invited lecture will start this year's Workshop. Erkki Sutinen will talk to us about The mid-life crisis of Computer Science: Can ethnocomputing animate program visualization?.

Please also take a look at the PVW 2006 proceedings.

Thursday, June 29, 2006
08:3009:00 Guido Rößling, Pilu Crescenzi Registration
09:00:10:00 Erkki Sutinen (Invited Speaker) The mid-life crisis of Computer Science: Can ethnocomputing animate program visualization?
10:0010:20 Coffee Break
10:2012:00 Session 1: New Approaches (Chair: Guido Rößling)
10:2010:45: Thomas Naps, Myles McNally, Scott Grissom Realizing XML Driven Algorithm Visualization
10:4511:10 Jorma Sajaniemi, Pauli Byckling, Petri Gerdt Animation Metaphors for Object-Oriented Concepts
11:1011:35 Tomasz Loboda, Atanas Frengov, Amruth Kumar, Peter Brusilovsky Distributed Framework for Adaptive Explanatory Visualization
11:3512:00 Stefan Kasabov, Amruth Kumar Observer Architecture of Program Visualization
12:0013:00 Lunch Break
13:0014:40 Session 2: Active Learning (Chair: Tom Naps)
13:0013:25 Guido Rößling, Silke Schneider An Integrated and "Engaging" Package for Tree Animations
13:2513:50 Jaime Urquiza-Fuentes, J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide An evaluation of the effortless approach to build algorithm animations
13:5014:15 Essi Lahtinen, Tuukka Ahoniemi Annotations for Defining Interactive Instructions to Interpreter Based Program Visualization Tools
14:1514:40 Rainer Oechsle, Thiemo Morth Peer Review of Animations Developed by Students
14:4015:00 Session 3: Evaluation (Chair: Myles McNally)
15:0015:25 Eileen T. Kraemer, Bina Reed, Philippa Rhodes, Ashley Taylor SSEA: A System for Studying the Effectiveness of Animations
15:2515:50 Andrès Moreno, Mike S. Joy Data Collection: Jeliot 3 in a demanding educational setting
15:5016:15 Tuukka Ahoniemi, Essi Lahtinen Visualizations in Preparing for Programming Exercise Sessions
16:1516:30 Coffee Break
16:3017:45 Session 4: New Projects (Chair: Pilu Crescenzi)
16:3016:55 Jussi Nikander, Ari Korhonen, Eiri Valanto, Kirsi Virrantaus Visualization of Spatial Data Structures on Different Levels of Abstraction
16:5517:20 Tihomir Piskuliyski, Amruth Kumar A General Framework for Overlay Visualization
17:2017:45 Xiaoming Wei, Keitha Murray Cancelled: Work in Progress: A Detail+Context Approach to Visualize Function Calls
Workshop Dinner


Friday, June 30, 2006
09:0010:40 Session 5: Active Learning II (Chair: Mark S. Hall)
09:0009:25 Dean Hendrix, James Cross, Jhilmil Jain, Larry Barowski Providing Data Structure Animations in a Lightweight IDE
09:2509:50 Taiyu Lin, Andrès Moreno, Niko Myller, Kinshuk, Erkki Sutinen Inductive Reasoning and Programming Visualization, an experiment proposal
09:5010:15 Niko Myller Automatic Prediction Question Generation during Program Visualization
10:1510:40 Michael Bruce-Lockhart, Theodore Norvell, Yianis Cotronis Program and Algorithm Visualization in Engineering and Physics
11:0012:15 Session 6: Integration (Chair: Erkki Sutinen)
11:0011:25 Ville Karavirta Integrating Algorithm Visualization Systems
11:2511:50 Guido Rößling, Tobias Ackermann A Framework for Generating AV Content on-the-fly
11:5012:15 Thomas L. Naps, Guido Rößling JHAVÉ - More Visualizers (and Visualizations) Needed
12:1513:15 Closing Session
13:1514:00 Lunch and Farewell / PC Meeting

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